Feet treatme

Hello! I hope everyone having wonderful summer.
Sure you are spending time at beach, lake, or simply outside…….
Most of time you go out to these places with sandals.  So Today, I like you to check your feet! Does it look like dry and powdery? I guess YES to 90% of you.
Do you take care of it? Let me guess…….. NO!!
Yes, I do know you go get pedicure done every 3 weeks. BUT this is some thing you need to do pretty much everyday.

1. put sunblock lotion on your feet at day time
2. cleanse your feet (night time is recommended)
3. use any lotion, oil (even olive oil is good!)  after cleansing
4. don’t for get to moisturize around cuticle!!
5. use scrub twice a week to rub your feet especially heel

These products are my favorites.

Monoi miracle oil……especially for dry

❤Blossom cuticle oil❤….. cute


Soft feet cream milk & honey……light consistency and rich honey scented

Bamboo scrub….. feels so good


Vanilla body butter……especially for dry skin



But really any products you have is o.k.

I hope you enjoy doing these steps to make your feet happy!!

Tria Hair Removal Laser

I’m happy to report after using Tria Laser every two weeks the past two month I am hair free on my upper lip and underarms. Still have a bit of work to do on my legs but not much longer. This device is amazing and actually cheaper in the long run since no need to wax anymore.


Bridal fashion week

On Saturday afternoon, I was at back stage of Reem Acra Bridal show SS 2013.

I love doing fashion shows. I love the energy, passion and atmosphere.




Beautiful dresses…… wish to have it…… someday. If I have body like these models!!